Tatsuto Shibata was born in Ibaraki, Japan.

He started his photo career in 2016.

Tatsuto currently lives in New York City, Tokyo and Shanghai. His unique travel living experiences has developed him for carrying an international vision, and owning a pair of creative eyes.

During the past few years, his works have been honorably enough to be shared and published by numerous media companies around the globe.


CORE Real Estate, New York City, USA

PUMA USA Sportswear, New York City, USA

ADDIDAS USA Sportswear, New York City, USA

GR Gallery, New York City, USA

Ibaraki Prefectural Office, Ibaraki, Japan

I.T HongKong, HongKong, China

Munduk Moding Plantation Hotel Resort, Bali, Indonesia

Ink Global Media Company, London, United Kingdom

1623 Studio, Shanghai, China

photo by Ivan Wong

photo by Ivan Wong